CredAvenue Private Limited (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)


CredAvenue is a global pioneer aiming to revolutionise and deepen debt markets. It has one of the largest debt product suites. It is the only end-to-end unified digital platform for discovery, trading, execution and fulfilment of all debt solutions. It offers five distinct product platforms, each catering to different types of capital requirements: securitisation, bonds, co-lending, supply chain, and loans. CredAvenue's deep integration approach helps to seamlessly navigate through multiple sub-platforms such that this becomes a single portal for various debt products. The platform uses advanced analytics and proprietary models to arrive at the optimal order match, thereby ensuring a risk-reward and requirement match for parties on both sides.

Business Model

The business of CredAvenue is self-sustainable inherently, by being one of the rarest marketplaces where both sides of a business pay to participate. However, during the initial years, a lot of investment is going into onboarding leaders & employees, especially on the tech and data/ AI front, as well as enhancing the product suite, both organically as well as inorganically. We aim to be PAT positive by FY24.