BTJ Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Freightwalla - Blockchain technology to help provide unparallel visibility & transparency to its customers across the supply chain

Freightwalla has acknowledged the challenges associated with the conventional shipping processes and aspires to create an eco-system which allows for transparency, timely delivery, reduction in manual errors, cost efficiency, complete track and trace solutions (even during transhipment delays, Freightwalla’s technology is able to provide near real-time updates) which enable a seamless information flow between the stakeholders.

Our innovative digital platform helps our B2B clients by offering unique, powerful tools that leverage technology to bring in unparalleled transparency & control over the supply chain.

The gamut of services described below, driven by process automation, is not offered by anyone else in the industry, and is the primary reason the company has been able to scale to such large revenues with minimal investments.

a) Rate discovery: The freedom to select from multiple shipping lines serving over 1000+ global ports, transportation options with transparent custom options – bringing down the time to make a supply chain decision from 4 days to 4 minutes.

b) Cost Transparency: Generally, the local charges are not provided by the traditional forwarders and this can result in additional charges being added to the bill beyond the actual local charges – Freightwalla provides this breakup during rate discovery itself with full transparency which results in cost saving.

c) Reduction of Errors: Digitization helps in reducing the number of human errors and the risks associated with it. This results in better on-time performance of cargo whilst lowering the revenue leakages, allowing clients to benefit on both fronts. This results in clients achieving a truly hassle-free logistics experience.

e) Online Storage & automated document preparation: We use cloud computing technology & robotic process automation for online storage of bookings, invoices & other important shipping documents, thereby enabling our clients to get access & modify their documents, with just the click of a button.

f) Real time tracking: Freightwalla offers unmatched visibility over the shipments by offering tools such as track & trace, real-time notifications over email & mobile app for all important shipment milestones, alerts in case any shipment requires corrective actions. Moreover, live updates about the shipments are automatically shared with the clients over the portal & through in-app notifications.

Over 2000 businesses have trusted Freightwalla with their international shipments and the number keeps growing. These businesses not only include giant multinational companies such as Thyssenkrupp, Cipla and other listed firms, but also small & medium enterprises who are looking for improved time & cost efficiencies in their supply chain operations.