Grasim Industries Ltd

GreenTrack – Blockchain based Forest-to-Fashion traceability solution

With consumers becoming more environment conscious, the textile value chain is adopting more sustainable practices of producing their goods. ABG Pulp and Fibre is also focusing on sustainably sourced/produced products certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). In light of this, our value chain partners have been requesting for an auditable proof of record to show that the viscose apparels produced are indeed manufactured from Birla Cellulose FSC fibre.

This has been addressed using a 2 pronged approached – Inert tracer in the fibre which can be identified at our labs for audit purposes and a through technology to ascertain real-time traceability of the fibre. The technology solution involved data sharing across various external and independent entities. Each person’s data needed to be secured from another’s while providing limited visibility but ensuring data integrity. Therefore, blockchain became the most suitable technology to adopt. To establish this provenance tracking, we have setup a hybrid blockchain infrastructure that is maintained by all the value chain partners to track their orders and shipments. This unique patent pending solution forms as a distributed ledger where all value chain partners enter their transactions with supplier and customer.

  • 1st of its kind blockchain based traceability solution in the textile industry
  • More than 520 partners onboarded into platform (including 30 global brands)
  • Over 15000MT of material being traced through the portal
  • 14x increase in the procurement of Liva Eco (sustainable fibre) in the industry (between Jan ‘20 to Dec ‘20) with over 75% increase in Brand nominations
  • Major global brands/retailers on the platform – Marks and Spencer, H&M, Tesco, Walmart, ABFRL, Varner, Bestseller, Benetton, etc.
  • 1st global viscose producer to receive “Dark Green Shirt” Ranking in Canopy Hot Button report and ranked #1 in the world – major contribution of Traceability with full marks in that pillar