Maharashtra Police

Supreme Court recommended a public emergency response system post ‘Nirbhaya’ in year 2012. Government of India released Nationwide Emergency Response System Guidelines & notified ‘112’ as a National Emergency Response Number. In 2016, Maharashtra committed for ‘Maharashtra Emergency Response System’ (MERS) & Detailed Project Report (DPR), Budget estimates were prepared in consultation with Maharashtra Police in 2017.

Maharashtra Emergency Response System’ (MERS) project

Maharashtra Emergency Response System’ (MERS) project was conceived to bridge the existing gaps and meet the current challenges being faced by Maharashtra police to improve emergency response services using the latest technological tools and systems.

Department of Telecommunications has allotted the emergency number ‘112’ at the national level which will cater to all emergency services.

MERS is designed to operate on Centralized call taking and decentralized dispatch model which is implemented for the first time in India for the state of Maharashtra.

The scope of Project involved provisioning of an end-to-end solution. This included setting up of Primary Contact Centre at Navi Mumbai, Secondary Contact Centre at Nagpur, provisioning of connectivity & network, hardware, implementation of required software and applications, installation of technical and support infrastructure at District Control Rooms, deployment of Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) in police vehicles, provisioning of requisite technical manpower and Call Takers, training and capacity building of police personnel, site preparations etc.

Police Control Room’s at 11 Commissionerate’s & 34 Districts of Maharashtra were upgraded with required IT infrastructure to handle the project requirements.

The MERS has ability to connect through multiple channels – SMS, Email, Chat, Social Media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)