Department of Information Technology & Communication, Rajasthan

RajMasters (Rajasthan State Centralized Data Hub)

RajMasters is a centralized repository to manage, distribute and monitor of all Data Masters while at the same time synchronizing various departments/projects for consumption of this data. Portal provides an integrated environment to add, update & delete respective departments’ master data at a single point.

Benefits and Its Impact

Ease of Usage :- Centralized data mappers provided by Rajmasters via services to concerned departments wherein the control of masters for the purpose of editing and additions/deletions would be vested in the department concerned

Individual Interface for Departments: RAJAMSTERS provided individual interface to various departmentslike Revenue, Panchayat RAJ, Election, Board of Revenue, Rajasthan Policy etc. So that individual department easily maintain records and perform addition/updating/deletion in central repository to maintain accuracy

Authentication and authenticity – – It’s was a challenge to verify and authenticate such vast data in a short period. To do we build a team of gram sewak, patwari, tahsildar along with other functional and technical consultants to approach optimization and centralization of records and under respective masters for departments

Paperless Process to maintaining transparency and accountability – To maintaining transparency and accountability of the portal beneficiaries Departments are getting notified by sending SMS at each level of the event like: Addition of records, verified by concern department officer so to maintain the accountability.