Rubix Data Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

The Rubix Early Warning System (EWS) is a plug-and-play application which can work standalone or can be tightly integrated with Rubix ARMSTM platform. It facilitates dynamic risk decisions about B2B counterparties allowing users to monitor the risk of their counterparties (customers, dealers, distributors, suppliers, vendors, borrowers, competitors) both at an individual company and portfolio level.

The Rubix Early Warning System allows

  • 1. Highly Flexible Set-up: Configuring different monitoring mechanisms for different sets of portfolios. For example, high exposure clients may warrant more frequent monitoring (e.g., daily) as well as inclusion of all dynamic indicators while low exposure clients may warrant a less frequent (e.g., quarterly) monitoring as well as inclusion of a fewer dynamic indicators
  • 2. Choice of Risk Indicators: Different dynamic Key Risk Indicators Include:-
    • * Payment Indicators (e.g., GST, PF, Defaults)
    • * Compliance Indicators (e.g., MCA)
    • * Character and Reputation Indicators (e.g., Legal)
    • * Media indicators (News and Social Media)
    • * Transactional Indicators (e.g., B2B Transactional Data)
  • 3. Automated Scoring and Trending
  • 4. Automated Limit Re-calibration
  • 5. Dashboarding and Visual analytics

The Rubix Early Warning System (EWS) helps Banks/ NBFCs, Credit Insurance companies, Corporates, SMEs, and Fintech’s to:

  • • Identify changes in Key Risk Attributes of different counterparties and borrowers on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis
  • • Translate these Key Risk Attributes to Early Warning Signals that may impact the credit worthiness of a company
  • • Re-compute Rubix Risk Scores which like a stock market indicator becomes a dynamic metric of a company’s credit worthiness
  • • Re-align a company’s credit limits in line with the re-computed Rubix Risk Score