SBICAP Securities Ltd. (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

We revamped our backend trading systems and launched new web and mobile trading platforms with best-in class features. We achieved a ‘truly Hi-Tech’ innovation with a selection of the right technologies that reduce latency in customer journey through flutter-based mobile application. The app trading application, launched for Android and IOS users, featured intuitive navigation, instant trading recommendations, a secure and easy fund management system and lots more. We introduced first-in-industry pricing of E-margin with 0% interest and are first among the bank brokers to introduce Widgets for both iOS and Android. This allows users quick access to their portfolio information without having to open the associated app. We’ve gone beyond the basics and introduced all investments under one app. So, if one wants to invest in fixed income products, IPO, currency, and mutual funds, our app has it all. Along with derivatives and equities, clients can invest in a product pool that suits their investment needs. Our web trading platform is designed to deliver day-to-day trading needs with utmost ease. Featuring intuitive UI, our web trading platform has an actionable watchlist with one-click order placement. It allows user to seamlessly transfer and hold funds. Get exhaustive reports, well-researched mutual funds, and lots more on a single platform. We have successfully transformed our customer on-boarding journey online with a view to ease out the process of new customer acquisitions. The new digital account opening journey is 100% DIY. We are still constantly upgrading with user-friendly trading features and fulfilling the demands of our customers.