Grasim Industries Ltd. –Pulp and Fibre

Soft Sensor – Predictive Analytics for Quality Improvement

  • Real time predictive models can enable identifying fibre quality issues leading to well informed proactive decision making at the shop floor for process control.
  • OPU is one of the important quality parameter that determines the goodness of the Fibre. Controlling OPU within limits is a major customer need and before the project, the process of control was operator dependent based on periodic lab results.
  • However, as there was a delay of around 4 to 8 hours for the lab results to arrive, it delayed the time for process control leading to off spec production.
  • Therefore, predictive analytics model were developed to determine the OPU at every 15 minutes based on real time process parameters with dashboard on the go for proactive process control. This has led to data driven process control and increase in the high quality grade by 8%