Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Mumbai, Maharashtra


Tata AIG Data Lake is built on a digital age philosophy where data, both Structured, Semi- Structured and Unstructured can be stored in a single repository. It helped implement a robust and scalable process for storing, processing and dissemination of data. The Data Lake is based on an open-source technology stack allowing ease of implementation, agnostic to either on-prem or cloud platforms.

It helped us overcome the legacy problems of inconsistencies in data leading to delays in reporting and breaking down the erstwhile data silos we are operating within. It also eliminated “manual report / information delivery” thus strengthening the overall information architecture for the organization and improving both accuracy and timeliness of delivery.

The Data Lake has helped to build capability to harness power of Data on real time basis and enabled business to take critical strategic and tactical decisions on the fly thereby enabling Tata AIG to achieve single source of truth for providing information and insights delivery across the organization. It has also helped to expose “data as a service” to various use cases and front-end applications.