Datamatics Digital Workplace Solutions

Datamatics Digital Workplace offers a cloud-ready, paperless digital office solution. It can be customized and tailored to suit the widest set of business requirements. It enables enterprises to embrace an immensely agile, safe, and scalable future-proof business model for supporting a remote operations or work from home culture.

Some of the striking features/ functions offered by the includes

  • Modular Approach
  • Secured coding practices following SSDLC approach
  • Compliance to Manual of Office procedures providing modules such as
    • Office Note Management
    • Inward Management
    • Outward Management
    • File Management
    • Dashboard, Search and Reporting
    • Configuration/Administration Panel
  • Compliance to OWASP Security guidelines as well as to WAG 2.0 standards
  • Flexible workflow capability (Sequential, Parallel or Ad-hoc) to suit business needs.
  • In built ticketing tool and inline page navigation help module