iTeltronics Pvt Ltd.


iScribe , which actually gives " "CHALK AND TALK"  experience using normal paper and pen to your teachers faculties as well for students  while conducting/ attending the  online/virtual class room and beyond Covid situation

While Technology cannot replace teachers, the innovative technologies  in the hands of teachers can transform the teaching and learning experience - based on this, our iScribe ,creates the Physical class room experience even in  virtual classes

iScribe allows the teachers’ to simultaneously write on any normal paper & pen with ball point refill along with iScribe EM pad, and Digitally capture the handwritten notes, thus allowing the flow of the problem-solving process or creative ideas to be presented intuitively and efficiently. Engage, inspire, and immerse students in the virtual classroom more than ever.

iScribe application allows the user to save, playback, edit, export to PDF, Mouse mode function enables annotating on any PDF/PPT , allows the teachers to create their own content , record and output as MP4 etc .,

iScribe, launched in July 20 over 2500 faculties are using our products and the numbers are increasing owing to the referrals . The user’s testimonials are the proof that how iScribe has transformed the way they ate able to teach using our iScribe.