Jeena & Co

Freight Forwarding Software for Business of Logistics and SCM (Homyar Application)

Our System is an In House Developed system on Microsoft Technologies and Cloud Platform. Having a strong base for Handling Finance, Forwarding, Clearing, Warehousing for all industry standards, also regulatory requirements, Compliance, Service Excellence for Customers. Automation for Internal as well as External customer requirements.

This system has capability where users input data entry for only 10-15% or less in every transaction module. There is speed in the process handling, as every process is Automated, Intelligence and Predictive model driven where users can easily get much more than a normal System.

This software saves the environment by using e-Paper for documents receiving as well as delivery to customers. It gives more productivity because of most activities being done centrally. It has Customer Portal, Interface Standards, Viability of Planning, Mobile Apps and Dashboard capabilities.

Success of this experience is with Product knowledge team expertise and Strong technical development team member with latest in technology contribution