L&T Technology Services - AiKno

AiKno® (AI-based technology)

AiKno® is L&T Technology Services’ home-grown Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. It is a one-stop solution for all engineering AI use cases across various industry verticals and LTTS has filed 20 patents so far for the solution. AiKno® is built on 3 major pillars namely: Machine Learning (ML), Image Processing (IP) and, Natural Language Processing (NLP).

AiKno® connects industrial assets, data, analytics, and processes to drive human-edge in machines to successfully navigate Industrial Engineering challenges and give businesses the competitive edge. Its various AI and ML-based features makes AiKno® the most dominant amongst emerging technologies. Through AiKno®, LTTS’ mission is to address the real-world engineering problems faced by Fortune 500 customers across the globe, and support them by providing a robust AI-based solution across various domains such as industrials, healthcare, plant engineering and hi-tech. Moreover, the immense research in neural networks and deep learning networks and the development of open source libraries around the same is helping build durable AI platforms. LTTS’ engineers have leveraged these emerging technologies to build custom components embedding our domain knowledge for quick and efficient reuse which makes AiKno® an efficient, intelligent and intuitive AI solution.

Amit Chadha – CEO & MD