Lumina Datamatics Limited

BluPencil – Online Editing & Proofing Platform

BluPencil is an online editing and proofing system. This product is used by our customers (Authors, Editors, Content Managers) and internal staff to edit and proof various types of print products (books, journals, trade publications, etc.…). The tool is a web-based solution, hosted on the cloud, integrated with our back-end workflow system. It presents a feature-rich editor with built-in help and validation rules, allowing users to create, review, update different types of publishing content (medical, STEM, humanities, etc.). While the tool has many advanced editing features augmented with automatic scripts/rules, we made sure the User Experience was kept very simple and clean.

The biggest user of the tool is an author who typically would NOT be tech-savvy. Therefore care was given to introduce author-friendly features (e.g., keyboard shortcuts, UI-based responses to queries, etc.). The traditional publishing workflow relies on Adobe PDF documents sent between various stakeholders (author, Content manager, editor, Copy Editor, proofreader, paginator, composition analyst, etc.). Changes are marked up in the pdf at various stages and are manually transcoded to the final output. This workflow is cumbersome, prone to human error, and takes a long turn-around time (TAT).

BluPencil improves TAT from 20-30% depends upon the workflow and 10-20% in quality by minimizing or eliminating errors usually introduced/missed in the traditional process. This solution is a game-changer for our customers. Different users can see the print content in 1 location with all of the changes done by all, and users can collaborate and work in parallel, thereby speeding up the process. The back-end operators and editors can quickly review, auto-validate content, and send titles for pagination and composition faster and with more quality.