Shyam Steel


The sales process at Shyam Steel involves the coordination of a large population of dealers, distributors and sales people at different organisational levels. Due to the fragmented and widespread nature of sales in the steel industry, managing the system was becoming a mammoth task involving large costs, infrastructure, time and effort. This combined with the coordination of stakeholders made the process extremely tedious and at times wasteful. To monitor, track and automate their activities we developed Shyam CRM which would record all activities between the stakeholders and digitize and automate the sales process. It also allowed for the processes to be centrally managed and coordinated.

While developing the application we had two primary points of focus. The first was that the applications had to be robust enough and yet friendly to use so as to accommodate all kinds of users and data. Users of the application range all the way from core organisation stakeholders such as directors to sales operatives at different levels and even individual household builders and petty contractors who would otherwise not be averse to modern technology. All of these were brought under one umbrella while at the same time being simple enough for all users to use. Our second focus was to ensure that the best practices and techniques are used for the development and implementation of the applications. Completely open-source technologies and architecture were used to develop the systems. They were made flexible, independent of any platform limitations and lightweight so as to allow usage even in the poorest of conditions.

The system developed was not only at par with industry solutions available for similar activities but with the addition of automation specific to the industry's needs and practices, it provided an advantage previously unavailable to the organisation. Centralisation of processes and decision making meant better oversight of business functions and coordination of activities between various verticals of the organization involved in the sales process. While addressing the needs of not just the organisation, but also related external parties, it also allowed for the reduction of usage of paper and pushed everyone involved towards a greener way of working.