Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

TCS Digital Platform for Next-Generation Agriculture Services

TCS initiative is guided by 2,6,12,14 & 15 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of UN. Globalization is affecting food production, humans involved and environment. TCS aimed to alleviate the issues of farmers and rural communities using ICT by enabling timely and reliable access to farm inputs, markets, credible information, customized advice from agricultural experts and up-to-the-minute information about weather & market conditions. This morphed into larger TCS Digital Farming Initiatives (DFI) program with use of emerging technologies such as mobility, cloud, remote sensing, analytics, machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT. TCS Digital Platform for Next-Generation Agriculture Services (DPNGAS) services agricultural sector, seamlessly brings together knowledge, actionable insights, farm-input sources, commerce centers, bridges demand-supply and holistically attacks the problems plaguing the agri supply-chain ecosystem on an end-to-end basis. Global Services include remote recognition of farmlands, yield prediction, disease and pest forecasting, pest detection via image analytics, food safety assurance standard implementation & audit, sustainable procurement, market price prediction and market linkages, agriculture input optimization to farmer etc. It also caters to fisheries, aqua-culture, livestock and dairy sectors. Tata Group Mission is to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve globally through long-term stakeholder value creation based on Leadership with Trust. Services for Food Safety, Traceability & Sustainable Sourcing aim to empower food supply chain stakeholders to ensure consumers of food safety, best practices assurance, compliance, transparency & trust, also tackle ecosystem challenges. It ensured decision support, enabled the actors to record operation’s data, allow online audits, maintain multi-agri-input usage with calibration, enable an inventory-application module at farm level for each farmer, track GPS linked land asset and maintain sustainable KPI such as water & agrochemical foot print. Deployed online RCSA (Risk, Control self-assessment) for farm & farmer audit, alerts for MRL (Minimum Residue Limit) as per EU Standards of pesticide, strict vigilance on PHI (Pre-Harvest Intervals) alerts. Modules were employed to train farmers, effect farm-to-fork traceability, in-built checks & balances, un-compromised actor wise activity, time/date-stamped records. A block-chain powered back-end too was started in phase wise manner. The resultant safe & sustainable crop was procured, processed by TCS clients & reached Global Consumers with assurance of quality.