IMC Conference Theme


Organization preparedness for AI revolution in Amratkal

Harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a choice, but a crucial step towards India's economic and societal transformation. As we stand at the cusp of the AI revolution, the "Organizational Preparedness for AI Revolution in India" conference brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and policymakers to chart a roadmap for success. This conference will delve into India's digital infrastructure, explore successful AI adoption strategies, and equip organizations, especially data-rich MSMEs, with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the AI-powered future.

As India ascends to the global stage as the G20 President , our nation stands poised to capitalize on the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). To navigate this transformative era, organizations must be prepared to embrace AI and leverage its power to enhance efficiency, drive innovation, and foster inclusive growth.

The IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IMC) is proud to present the "Organizational Preparedness for AI Revolution in India" conference, a platform for knowledge exchange, insightful discussions, and actionable strategies to equip businesses for the AI-powered future.

This conference brings together esteemed thought leaders, industry pioneers, and government stakeholders to explore India's AI readiness, discuss practical adoption strategies, and provide a roadmap for data-rich MSMEs to unlock their full potential. We believe that through collaborative efforts and a proactive approach, India can not only become a global leader in AI adoption but also leverage this technology to achieve a prosperous and equitable future for all.

Conference Sessions:

1. Inaugural Session (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM): India as Global Digital Guru

Keynote: Charting the Course for Inclusive Growth: Harnessing India's Digital Public Infrastructure. High-level figures from Niti Aayog, NPCI, RBI, and SBI discuss how India's digital infrastructure can power inclusive economic growth.

Dignitaries and thought leaders Invited:

  • • Subhasis Chaudhari, Director, IIT Bombay
  • • Dilip Asbe , MD & CEO, NPCI
  • • Dr Pramod Varma, CTO, Ekstep, former CTO Aadhar Project
  • • C.P. Gurnani, Advisor to upGrad, Former CEO & MD, Tech Mahindra

Panel Discussion: Will India Lead the AI Revolution?
Panelists - Thought leaders from inaugural Session
Moderator: Hareesh Tiberwala, Chair, IMC Digital and Technology Digital Committee Industry leaders debate India's potential to become a global leader in AI adoption for business and societal transformation.

2. Technical Session I (3:00 PM – 5.00 PM): Preparing Organizations for AI Adoption

Keynote 1: Global AI Trends & India's Adoption Landscape:
Insights on global trends in AI adoption and India's current position, highlighting opportunities and challenges.

Keynote 2: Transforming MSMEs with AI:
A Live Experience. Interactive demonstration showcasing how AI can revolutionize MSMEs, sparking audience engagement.

Panel 1: Fast-Tracking AI Adoption: Leveraging the Startup Ecosystem. Experts discuss how startups can help large enterprises accelerate their AI adoption.

Panel 2: Success Stories & Economic Impact: Learning from Real-World Examples. Interactive panel featuring case studies of successful AI implementations and their economic benefits.

Tea & Networking Break (20 Minutes)

3. Technical Session II (5.30 - 6.30 PM): Business Risks in the Age of Technology

Keynote 15 mts : Navigating the Risk Landscape: Building Trust and Transparency in AI. Focus on responsible AI development and mitigating potential risks associated with AI adoption. Security issues of AI deployment.

Panel Discussion: Balancing Innovation with Security: Strategies for Mitigating AI Risks. Experts share strategies for managing business risks and building trust in AI-powered solutions.
The objective of this panel discussion is to explore the challenges and strategies for ensuring trustworthiness and security in AI systems. We aim to provide participants with insights into best practices, emerging trends, and practical solutions to address the complexities of AI ethics, reliability, and resilience against threats, including approaches for enhancing the security and resilience of AI systems against cyber threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

Award Night (6:30 PM – 9:00 PM)

  • • Celebrate the achievements of organizations and individuals driving India's digital transformation journey through the prestigious IMC Tech Innovation and Digital Leadership Awards.
  • • Intersperse award presentations with captivating entertainment that reflects India's rich cultural heritage.