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The purpose of these awards is to recognise and reward superior Digital & IT accomplishments across the spectrum

IMC rewards all - the start-ups, IT companies, End-User companies, Government departments and individual technology leaders – for technological solutions, applications, and improvements that have transformed businesses and made a difference.


The awards are divided into three categories. Please select the relevant category while applying

Category – 1:

Smart Tech companies

  • These are companies which use new-age digital business models or digital technologies in their operations and such use contributes to more than 75% of their annual revenues. This is further sub-divided based on turnover and type of companies (bifurcation in next slide)
Category – 2:

Organisations and Govt. departments embracing Digital Transformation

  • These are firms, Govt. sectors that have brought about digital transformation in their businesses and operations. This category is further sub-divided into three sectors:
    • manufacturing,
    • services and
    • Govt. & PSUs.
  • Each sector will have one award each for MSME and non-MSME categories
Category – 3:

Individual Technology Leaders who have made a significant difference with their vision

  • Individual Digital Transformation leaders CDOs / CIOs / CTOs with impact on digital business models and new products or services
  • Individual CDOs / CIOs / CTOs with impact on IT, Security & digital implementation
  • Best woman IT / Digital leader award
Category 1 is devided in 4 section
Category 1A Category 1B Category 1C Category 1D
Nascent “Born Digital” Startups Mid-level solution / product oriented Digital companies Pure Play Digital / online companies Established IT and Technology Service companies
You are a new startup Co with a new / disruptive idea and have set up a digital business after 1-Jan-2020 and with annual (2022) revenues between Rs 1– 10 crore* You are company using smart digital tech in your product or services

Annual (2022) revenues between Rs 10-100 crore*
Companies having 2022 revenues more than 100 crore* primarily from new digital / online /virtual business models, disrupting legacy businesses Mid / Large scale technology solution companies providing products / services that help transform other businesses digitally across sectors
* More than 75% of the turnover should be from digital / online technologies
Category -2 2a. Manufacturing Sector 2b. Services Sector 2c. Govt Dept / PSU
MSME At least 1 award At least 1 award At least 1 award
Non-MSME At least 1 award At least 1 award At least 1 award
* In case of exceptional situations, the jury may decide to award more than one in a sub-category above
Category -3 Best CDO / Digital Business Leader Best CIO / CTO Best Woman Technology Leader
One award in each of the sub-categories shown Individuals who have made significant contribution to digital business or digital products Individuals who contributed to their IT departments on consistent basis and harnessed technology significantly Women digital / IT leaders who have contributed with impact to the scale up in their departments

Rules for 2023 Awards

  • Award will be given to entities on the basis of best implementation of a project, or practice using digital / IT tools and processes for Categories-1,2
  • For category-2, the awards will be given in two sub-categories : MSME and non-MSME companies. Firms will need to upload their 2022 MSME Udyam certificates
  • For category-3, individuals can be self-nominated, or others could nominate leaders who have made a significant long term impact with their digital / IT leadership & vision
  • To be uploaded on or sent to
  • Jury decision will be final and binding
  • IMC will be using the data submitted in the nomination for aggregate analysis and research which would help identify digital trends and best practices for the greater good of the industry. No individual data will be revealed
  • Name of company and category of the award /nomination and initiative will be announced in the award function and IMC websites
  • In case of queries please reach out to :
    • Ms Selby Nambisan, Director – IT & Events, at +91 22 71226659 or email at
    • Mr. Narendra Kadam, Deputy Director – IT at 9833351219 or email at

Application Process

There are three parts to the application procedure :

Part – A :

Consists of the details of the applicant company or individual, the contact points, and declaration regarding the digital / IT work done

Part – B :

Consists of the detailed questionnaire to be filled based on the category of award applied for

Part – C :

A video file of LESS THAN 3 minutes showcasing / explaining the project may be attached along with the application (optional).